Sunday, 20 October 2013


It is I probably never, but has now moved here .... Not right in byn can say, on Linderudkollen we live now ..... in a military barrel ..... Absolutely fine for a few years, we have 90 sqm to romp us - even the entire 8 square meters more than we had on Ulef .... all have been sittt bedrooms and Kjetil office corner, we have dining room, hold on - living room , kitchen, hallway (that we had not before: P) and a little sweet, a tiled bathroom .... With bath to my great horror, but guri so fun for the kids .. It was very long ago I had written in the blog, blogging disappeared somehow with scrappepause ... will return on scrappefronten, lots of inspiration that frolic in my head - I just have to linger me to buy new Stati - because I did, indeed all, rubbel and bit off :) Think I'm going on a fair, it is not fair on Skedsmo soon a tru ..... where do I find myself probably a bunch of stuff, pictures I have plenty of fact ... Summer 2011 .... Went out for ..... something. WORK. 3 jobs I've had this summer, albeit only one full time then. Menu has eaten up most of my life this summer, but has also worked a bit on the gallery on the Upper Agency, where I had a summer job last year. Worked part in the pub on Ulefos - and I do so far yet - takes me a ride home once in a while and take some guards .. my Lusk has been four years, and my Andy'n has been 2 years. They have now started in the new nursery, Kanutten, Military Academy's nursery. Kjetil goes on KS engineer, much of his teaching is in college in oslo .. I had interdisciplinary laboratory examination in June, I passed with flying colors obviously, because I did grade 6 :) Grul proud then, yes! Ended up with an average of five this year, and it is very good I think. I did not get an apprenticeship in defense Basement nevertheless ... and it was fit downturn .... But then I managed to scramble me an apprenticeship at Oslo University Hospital! Should work on molecular pathology laboratory, a lab that allows analysis of cancer samples among other things. These are two exciting and educational year, can not wait until I start in September!

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